Discover YIEDL and elevate your portfolio.

Trade next-gen AI-powered vaults, built for you by a community of +500 data scientists

YIEDL is Smarter, Simpler, Safer

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We gathered the best Data Scientists ​in the world to build for you the best ​AI-powered portfolios

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1-click solution to Join the Web3 ​revolution. Mint, or trade Vault shares ​directly from your wallet


“Not your keys, not your coins.” ​Funds are user-controlled, ​eliminating third-party fraud risk

Are YOU a

Data Scientist?

YIEDL is the HOME for Data Scientists.

Build with us the first Asset management DAO driven by a Crowd-sourced Artificial Intelligence

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Apply machine learning to predict the crypto market.

Download a composite dataset, build and train

your own model on multiple assets

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Stake and Submit

YOUR predictions to the

YIEDL competition

Build Reputation

to claim your place on

the Leaderboard

and earn YIEDL tokens

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The Yiedl Protocol is Owned and

Governed by Community

The YIEDL Token

The powerhouse of Yiedl DAO is the community of data scientists, with Yiedl vault investors as valued customers. The YIEDL token aligns incentives in a win-win game, setting a new standard in the financial market

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Incubated, Audited, Awarded


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Yiedl is the home for data scientists.

We are an asset management DAO, driven by

a decentralised and distributed intelligence.




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